I have it on the DVR from last night on ABC-Fam. I've watched it the last couple of years so it is becoming more of the tradition. I bought the Gremlins DVD when I saw it on sale at B&N. The three movies I watch at Christmas every year are The Ref, The Ice Harvest, and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. The Ref is never shown on… » 12/12/14 5:36am Friday 5:36am

  • Who invented Baking Powder Subs?

I had originally thought the concept for the first sub was born out of school type science experements that was eventually turned into a toy. However a recent purchase on eBay has lended me a little more history. In this case it was a baking powder killer whale, who's…

» 12/11/14 1:42pm 12/11/14 1:42pm

Green Ice by Gerald A. Browne. Old paperback I rescued from my mother's house at Thanksgiving. Browne had a successful formula writing gem-related thrillers starting with 11 Harrowhouse in the early 70s. This one is about emeralds. It moves. I read 200 pages in one go on the couch in the cold with the LL Bean blanket… » 12/10/14 10:05am 12/10/14 10:05am