The Big Combo (1955)

Film noir I had never seen that is public domain and available online. Known for the outstanding photography by John Alton. Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. Cornel Wilde and Richard Conte. Obsessed cop is out to take down a crime lord. Whatever it takes. » 7/18/14 11:49am Friday 11:49am

10,000 Ways to Die by Alex Cox. A history of the spaghetti western. Most movie books tend to the neutral/light-hearted tone but not this one. Mr. Cox makes it very plain when he doesn't like something. The "cute/funny" character gets it more than most. He also allows his politics to enter the book, which is less… » 7/09/14 3:00pm 7/09/14 3:00pm

Gilda (1946)

New Big Lots DVD find. I had never seen it before. Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. Directed by Charles Vidor. Down and out gambler becomes right hand man to shady casino owner. Casino owner's new wife, Rita Hayworth, knew gambler Johnny in another life. That's trouble. » 7/07/14 1:16pm 7/07/14 1:16pm

Hustle (1975)

One of those DVDs that has been sitting on the shelf unwatched for a while. Directed by Robert Aldrich. Burt Reynolds and Catherine Deneuve. Ben Johnson, Paul Winfield, Eileen Brennan, Eddie Albert, Ernest Borgnine, Catherine Bach, Jack Carter, James Hampton, Robert Englund, Fred Willard. Dick Enberg (voice).… » 7/05/14 10:28am 7/05/14 10:28am

Wow. Didn't know that was happening. I like William Boyd. I liked his spy novel Restless. I came across him by accident years ago at a book sale when I blind bought a trade paperback of An Ice Cream War. It is excellent. The one that covers silent filmmaking is really good too. » 7/05/14 12:25am 7/05/14 12:25am