Google News and posted what happened right on the front page. I avoid all Game of Thrones discussion because I don't get to see the show until next year when the DVD comes out and I never finished the books. Assholes. People is owned by Time Warner who also owns HBO so Double Fucking Assholes. » 4/14/14 8:01am Monday 8:01am

I just watched Spider Baby and Basket Case back-to-back after a midnight snack of chili and iced coffee. Sweet dreams. Might be better off staying up. The DVR just recorded The Gate (1987) too but that might be one too far. Maybe an episode or two of Dr. Katz and some Tums. » 4/13/14 5:46am Sunday 5:46am

SS-GB by Len Deighton. First American edition found at this year's book sale for $2. In decent shape with some sun fading to the jacket. Not something I would worry about damaging by reading. A Scotland Yard murder mystery set in an alternate history where the Germans won the war and are running things in England. It's … » 4/09/14 5:46pm 4/09/14 5:46pm