Fred Ward 4th of July Marathon

Why not? Raining again. Tremors was on AMC earlier and I found an HD version of Remo Williams on Youtube that I am watching now. The one I want to see that is impossible to find is UFOria (1985). I have Miami Blues, Carny, and Southern Comfort on DVD but the lineup is uncertain at the moment.… » 7/04/15 1:43pm Saturday 1:43pm

Four Biker Flicks: The Born Losers, Run, Angel, Run!, The Losers, C.C.…

Got on a biker movie kick. All somehow involving either William Smith or Jack Starrett. Or both. Beginning with The Born Losers (1967). First Billy Jack movie. Directed by Laughlin. Starrett plays the tough cop and the gang includes tough guy actor Robert Tessier. Elizabeth James is gorgeous and wrote the script.… » 6/12/15 10:55pm 6/12/15 10:55pm

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)

DVD rewatch. I like it on weekend mornings for some reason. Wake and bake special. Get motivated for housework. I saw this in the theater when it opened. It was a dud. It has since developed a following. Some people still hate it. Ossie Davis is great. » 5/31/15 10:43am 5/31/15 10:43am

Robert Siodmak:  Phantom Lady, Criss Cross, The Killers

A trio of film noir from director Robert Siodmak. A movie refugee from Germany with his brother Curt, who was a writer. One of the best and most prolific of the noir directors, he also did Son of Dracula and Cobra Woman for Universal when he was starting out. Phantom Lady (1944) was his first noir and this was the… » 5/30/15 7:31pm 5/30/15 7:31pm

The Outsiders - Gerald Seymour

Library book. A 2012 thriller from Gerald Seymour. I don’t know why Mr. Seymour doesn’t get more attention. He has been writing thrillers since the 70s, beginning with the excellent Harry’s Game, and continues to be among the best in the business. This one is about a Russian crime figure who has been implicated in the… » 5/07/15 7:44pm 5/07/15 7:44pm

Caine x 3: The Man Who Would Be King, Too Late the Hero, Play Dirty

Trio of favorites starring Michael Caine that I watched together by happenstance. All three also may be a little underrated. Starting with The Man Who Would Be King (1975). Directed by John Huston and co-starring Sean Connery. » 4/25/15 7:39am 4/25/15 7:39am